Dream On!

I’m a dreamer, and will always be.

My favorite time for dreaming is when I’m about going to bed. Its not easy for me to fall asleep, so then I start to stimulate my mind with dreaming, usually just simply what would be something great for tomorrow, and even bigger! My before-sleeping dreams are somehow continued freely in my dream. That’s fun to find out how the dreams turn into, success or just-a-crap.

I keep on dreaming, especially when I’m looking into a thing or a guy. If I see a store, somehow I am thinking of how this store would be developed, how it would be in the next 5 years. Then when I see a guy, my mind would just popping some question like how we would be in the next 5 years? can I live with them? would they stop me from dreaming?

Its nice when the sensation of the achieved dream, no matter how much sweat you through for achieving it, Dreaming turns into something addictive for me. Don’t Stop Beliving!! 
I hate being over-realistic-more-pesimst, and I prefer do not want to be around people like them as well. If I can’t do nothing about it, I will make those people as my motivation, I’d like to show them in the end that I could achieved what I’ve dream. Let’s keep faith in our dream!

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oh, air laut itu asin ya? (the salty seawater)

I went to Phuket Island with some of my Interns fellow, but only me and my Kazakhstan friend were interested with swimming at Nai Yang beach, the almost-private beach for us. 

Nai Yang Beach

Sholphan : Ow, its salty.. the water taste salty! (surprised)

Me : YEAA.. Its sea, of course salty naa..  

Sholphan : No! back home in Kazakhstan, the beach doesn’t taste salty..

Me : You sure? wait.. is the beach, you know the shore, leads to the sea?? 

Sholphan : Well, hmmm.. I’m not sure.

Me : You know, the shore could be the edge of the sea.. or a lake!

Sholphan : Well, I guess this is my first time swimming in the seawater.. 


Can’t stop laughing till we need to drown ourself to the water to stop the laugh

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The most Innovative Company 2011 by ima.


Remember those words? For me, personally, Its an AWESOME line! Yeah, sometimes I get worried of what people think about me and what I am doing. Here it goes, The Social Network movie’s taglines was really motivate me to keep develop and chase my dream.

the movie about how facebook was invented

The Social Network is an adapted movie from the history of Facebook. It was nominated in a lot of awards (won some couple of them). That’s quite a fast-flow movie, it drained all my concentration to keep up with what Mark was saying during the movie (No other option for me in Malaysia, better listen up carefully instead of read the malayu-substitle. [doh?])

Okay, that’s it!

Before it’s going to the movie review blog, I need to set back to the Mid-term task for Creative Innovation subject. I am going to have some review about facebook and its Innovations.

Technology? Is it a super awesome new technology? Unfortunately, it is not. Facebook is just like another Social Network, they are connecting people and make friends through the internet. Well, yeah.. It is still a technology, and this few lines from the movie teach me about the real-deal of innovation.

Mark Zuckerberg: The grounds are our thing is cool and popular, and Harvard Connection is lame! Wardo, I didn’t use any of their code, I promise, I didn’t use anything! Look, a guy who builds a nice chair doesn’t owe money to everyone who ever has built a chair. They came to me with an idea, I had a better one. 

Process?? I think I need to tag this post with ‘movie review’, since I will use another lines from the movie to expressing how Facebook innovate their selves according their customers, the users.

“Okay, let me tell you the difference between Facebook and everyone else, we don’t crash EVER! If those servers are down for even a day, our entire reputation is irreversibly destroyed! Users are fickle, Friendster has proved that. Even a few people leaving would reverberate through the entire userbase. The users are interconnected, that is the whole point. College kids are online because their friends are online, and if one domino goes, the other dominos go, don’t you get that?”

YES! They never expect their web going down. I never find facebook went down or having server maintenance even for once. They are considering the entire social experience of college at the first and put them online. Currently, it is already developed to any social experience of EVERYONE in the world. They put attention on simple thing like like-ing in facebook page; they wouldn’t navigate you away from your current page, which always annoys you the most.

This tiny innovation made facebook became the reliable media to post your creation online and get the direct feedback from your friend (as you can put comment into everything on the wall ☺).

Blue indicates the location of Facebook islands

Product?? Name other things you can find beside your page on facebook?! Yes, there are Facebook Group, Event, Fans, and many more. They do really accommodate every users based on their needs. FYI, they give it for free!! if you have just make a new fans page on facebook, they would advertise you at the right corner web for free. They link everything on the wall, youtube video, and your blog, even your old friendster page!

This is what I found very helping. I do some little research through surveymonkey.com for my marketing paper, and surveymonkey offers me to post the survey on facebook. Amaizing right? I mean, spamming email for questionnaire is soooooo last year. facebook? Just type a favor-shout out on your page, then your hundred, or even thousands of your online friends will see you and fill the questionnaire for you :P.

Business Model?? Its just as simple as an advertising, but they got their selves armed with all facilitate the their business according their customers. Privacy features, notes to replace your old blog, which couldn’t tag friends, and many other advantages, were the solution of problems that you might never realize before. Innovation somehow requires a change, and they anticipate the users expectation by the changes. By having 1400 employee across 12 countries in the world, facebook is introducing a new innovation everyday. It’s also noted that anyone can make their own application and spread it in facebook.

Conclusion In brief, I might say that this is a PHENOMENON. Sounds exaggerate, but as the pictures above, facebook is about to conquer the world. They having a good analysis about their customers, then deliver the customers expectation in aright way. Facebook drives the trends. The customers’ involvement during the development process is stimulating others to do some and more innovations everyday.

That’s why I’m saying this is the FACEBOOK AGE.

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I demand for Innovation!

Indonesia, I never regret to be born here, really.

Have you ever heard these words?

The land of smiles

The truly asia

ga ada asia-asianya acan..

Both of them were the slogan of our neighbor country for their tourism. Thailand claims their country as the land of smiles, I believe Indonesia has more people smiling then they are. Malaysia claims their selves as the real Asia, while they are just stealing our culture away like batik, islands, and ‘rasa saying-sayange’ song.

I’m in very deep condolences at anytime I remember about our tourism sector. Can we have some innovation here? Singapore Tourism Board is a great system to maximize their tourism sector where they only have a smaller area than Jakarta.

Small country, great tourism system

I remember when I saw an advertisement of Visit Indonesia on one of the Public Bus in Singapore. SO PROOOOOUUD! Yeah, but the thing is we do copy a LOT!

Malaysia logo 2007

Indonesia's logo since 2008. Dejavu?


Visit Indonesia? Visit Malaysia? Please, do the right positioning Mr. Minister

See? God gives us amazing resources and let shares it to the world. Lets say, an innovation for our tourism board can be started from having a grandé positioning J



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Creativity & Innovation

Both Creativity and Innovation sounds like similar for the first time. When you take a deeper thought, its a different thing but integrate each other with their own way. that’s what she said…

Creativity is the beginning of a new world. Its started from a little and simple thing. Its a human-thought towards changes, to make a better place. While Innovation is when you already put the creative minds to an action, implement to the real life. As a Business student, Innovation is well-known to stimulate the market. Innovation might be a whole changes or a whole partly change. A good business keep their highly-cost research to produce an innovation as frequent as possible. 

The definitions make it all clear about the differences. There are still a similarity between the two of them. Not everyone can think creatively and do some innovation. Yes, it happens because not everyone is dare enough to put their mind across the border. I mean… Creativity and Innovation are something unique and abnormal, when people do not pushing their self from their limit-their so-so thought, they will just end up on the ordinary way of thinking. 

Well, people in the world is always demanding for the creativity and innovation. You might be one of the creator of the creativity then provide the world with your innovation. Keep generating ideas and do not be afraid! lets start by having an EXTRAORDINARY way of thinking. 


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 I didn’t follow the last Creative Innovation class till the end session due to some final presentation. So, when I asked my friends about ‘what to write on our blog?‘, I was thinking to write some paragraph about Personal defense weapon like my brother’s MP7 or my dad’s M4 (Don’t be worry, its just an air soft gun!). Well, the thing is.. the topic supposed to be –my creativity weapon-, not just weapon. 

Lets get the things back to it track!

I have two main weapon in creating a whole awesome creation (please mind my exaggeration);

  1. Pen&Paper
  2. Toilet
Very common? sure! only my explanation that would help it differ from others. Honestly, I cannot pass through the whole semester without writing a note at class. Pretty diligent, right? I write everything what I have in my mind. Even I sticked a paper to the wall near by my pillow. It’s hard for me to fall asleep, so whenever I have an awesome-idea-before-sleep, I will just easily write them down there. Yes, I can have a note while hugging my bolster and laying my head down to the pillow. 
I am diligent for taking a notes, but not that diligent to bring a paper along with me. But thank god that I am a quite active-shopper, so I have like thousands receipts and bills on my wallet&bag. It doesn’t mean I’m not cleaning up my bag and keep it tidy, I just leave all the receipts in purposes; It has a very important notes behind it, or It just a back up for another no-paper-but-need-to-write situation. (soundslikeexcuses,Iknow)
Let’s jump to the pen. I have a special type and brand of pen that I love. It seems like exaggerating that it always motivated me to write more every time I use Standard AE-7 edition. That one is very comfortable, and thank god it is a cheap pen (that’s Rp 12.000 for a dozen and I don’t have to be afraid of losing it)
When its near to deadline, I just lock my self in the toilet with a laptop or just a paper&pen with me. It depends to difficulties, I can finished my homework or get a good inspiration in less than 30 minutes there. I made a good lyrics for the whole song in less than 15 minutes inside the toilet. weird? yes, but it just my weapon

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Juli or Ima?

My parents were married in their early 20s then I was born a year after. I am the first grandchild from both my father and mother family. At that time, all the family was very excited of my coming. But their excitement brought some troubles and gave a little extended story about my name.

My name is Fatimah Hanifati, sounds very Arabic and Moslem right? Fatimah is taken from the name of our prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Fathima Az-zahra. She is a good figure of a loving and devoted daughter and a sincere Muslim. Hanifati is taken from hanif, an Arabic word which means straight ahead.

By giving that name, my parents wishing that when I grow up, I could be a good daughter and muslim just like Fathima Az-zahra. As the oldest, they want me to be a good example, taking a straight pathway of life.

That was my name according to my parents’ version. My grandmother was a Christian, and she was very bothered by the too-muslim name. She was planning to give me a name after my birth month, Julianna. That was a bit argument between my parents and my grandmother about it. As a solution, I still have Fatimah Hanifati as my full name, but they should call me Ima (sounds a bit Christian like Imanuel) as my nickname.

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