ima needs cookies n cream

I am Fatimah Hanifati. I’m the one who put blogging as a hobby besides singing, phoning, chatting, travelling, and hulahoop-ing. I’m just an ordinary student. I was born in Jakarta, spent some time in Singapore, and continue my study in Bandung, Indonesia. I think, blogging is much better than just adding or leaving testimonial your friend in friendster. I almost can do everything, but I’m not good on that everything(hey, so whats your point ma?).

well, this is who I am. I love to have a loads of freinds. So, let me know you all.

I hope my parents don’t know that their daughter write some stupid stuff here, hehe..


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  1. 1

    wakakaka…!!! (only taht fi…???)

    no mire comment for u, ma……

    u’re quite narcist as a girl… (or women wanna be…? wakakakaka…)

  2. 2

    kulonuwun,, numpang lewat,,,

  3. 3

    ahmad mustafid said,

    tambah aneh aja nih anak…

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