Iqra, bismirabbika ladzhi Khalaq.. (al-iqra; 1-2)

its written from al-quran., it says, “read it” it means that we need to read (study) what we see around. The thing is, you would never be able to read if its not written.

I like writing, I got easily get inspired and feeling like to write it anywhere (sheet of tissue, the used receipt). I just found out that if we transfered what we write into something typed in the online world, it would be AMAZING!

What the purposes?

Sharing is a nice thing, if you have a single positive matters than you go online to publish it, just imagine how many people would get inspired? how much they will get the positive impacts?

Moreover, by getting online, you would find a feedback, whether its a positive or negative one. Do not fly so high or fall to deep, feedback should keep you stand up and help to develop yourself.

Once you get your things written virtually on the internet, trust me, it wouldn’t stop there. People will reads your writings, you will read others writing as well. see? this is a cycle and you wouldn’t stop gaining your knowledge.

Start by imagining this part;

‘people went googling about a thing, and they found your name, yes your name, as the writer’ nice isn’t it?


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