The Corps.

The Corps.

another segmented social network!

This network has as their domain. This website can only be accessed by limited people with certain recruitment. The social networks would be giving such a multiple benefit to the users. Once you have a deal with us, We guarantee you a 100% satisfaction!

That would be the short description about The Corps. This special social network is initiated for the ‘Koruptor’ specially in Indonesia. We realized that our crime numbers are highly supported by them. As a ‘K’ people, they would probably feel insecure every time and of course they would pay how much it cost to keep their family safe. For that purpose, we have such a perfect program within The Corps. Management;

The Alibi

We would provide an alibi for you anytime it needed. Alibi can be from a physical evidence like receipt of purchase in particular stores and time.

The Security Network

Being secure is more than just having a strong security guy. All the ‘K’ needs is a back-up! We provide some certain information regarding the safest and the most unreachable place on earth. We’ll prepare your back-up plan!

and many more!

(sumpah demi tuhan semua kontain yang terdapat dalam artikel ini hanyalah bohong belaka, semoga tidak ada yang berniat jahat karena hal ini)

Okay, That’s not a real stuff! However, The Corps. has amaizing business model;

With A clear target customers (the ‘K’ people), we offer security and trust as our value. We have a strong relationship with our customers, the Corps. member has a 24/7 accessed with us. The Corps has a special cooperation with KPK, so it would be easier for us to start the recruitement for members (member should have a history of doing ‘K’ for at least Indonesian Rupiah).

The registered member need to pay their annual membership. During their membership, member can use our programs regarding the security and safety. The Comparative Advantage in The Corps is that the members are able to share their knowledge in the ‘K’ forums, the tagline is you’re not alone!


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