Semester 8th is coming to an end, and I’m quite disappointed on why I should be leaving this semester too soon. However, I learned loads things in Creative and Innovation class. Seriously, I never regret loh being a part of this class (kyaa)

Okay, First thing I got from the class is creating the Ideas&Thought. Ideas should be written, then you’ll be remembered by your notes. Better write it online! if you’d like to have a feedback from others.

Business Model, before having this lesson. I wouldn’t have known that I’m quite creative :B The class letting us from having a crazy to the most reliable and implicative ideas to be developed as business model.

Creative ways of thinking, I wasn’t realized that we have formula for being creative, I mean effectively creative. You can check the steps in my previous blog if you want to know (Y).

however, those lesson learned are impacting to my daily activities loh! Currently, Its stimulating my business instinct and helping me in doing my final paper 🙂

In short, Creative and Innovation class keeps us to deliver a positive value. They let me think to start impacting others by -however-how-short your write on your blog! see you soon 🙂


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