Local goes International..

At this opportunity, I’d like to promote Indonesian cosmetics and skin care products to the International market. Martha Tilaar would be the selected brand at this project.


Basically, Cosmetics and skin care products are the most things bought by almost all the woman in the world. They wouldn’t care how much it cost as long it keeps them stay young, healthy, and beauty. Over the two third population in the world, woman is a good market to be explored.

Martha Tilaar is one of beauty company in Indonesia. They have a wide product and service offered from different market segment. In the other side, Martha Tilaar also has a good value in developing woman and Indonesia Culture. At some point, Martha Tilaar products have a good quality, and comparable with another international products like The Body Shop, Lancome, The Face Shop, and many more

The Innovation


Spa is one of their specialty, currently they have the best spa in South East Asia, The good potential should be explored more.  Expanding another spa in other countries will be good by delivering Indonesian value.

Culture attachment

The Eat, Pray, Love books and movie is definitely giving a positive impact for Indonesian image, especially Bali. Another products or services with the Bali culture attached on it would be another comparative advantage for Martha Tilaar


iSetan, Sogo, Metro are some department stores which going world-wide. Their first store are mostly selling the cosmetics, Martha Tilaar should start distribute the products there together with SK-II, Maybeline, Revlon,

Consumer Segment

woman, pleased to keep their body fit by some treatment like massage, spa, or any kind of body parts treatment. Open to new information, and has a high culture awareness.


Customer Relationship

By developing the loyalty and discount program, somehow the customers (woman) will feel like being treated as a queen. Treating them as a queen during the treatment (services) would make Martha Tilaar as their palace. The communication to customers would be adapted regarding the destination country.


Sogo, Metro, Debenhams, or having Martha Tilaar store in the Malls like once had by The Body Shop



culture approaches and a little touch regarding to woman status in front of world view. 


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