Dream On!

I’m a dreamer, and will always be.

My favorite time for dreaming is when I’m about going to bed. Its not easy for me to fall asleep, so then I start to stimulate my mind with dreaming, usually just simply what would be something great for tomorrow, and even bigger! My before-sleeping dreams are somehow continued freely in my dream. That’s fun to find out how the dreams turn into, success or just-a-crap.

I keep on dreaming, especially when I’m looking into a thing or a guy. If I see a store, somehow I am thinking of how this store would be developed, how it would be in the next 5 years. Then when I see a guy, my mind would just popping some question like how we would be in the next 5 years? can I live with them? would they stop me from dreaming?

Its nice when the sensation of the achieved dream, no matter how much sweat you through for achieving it, Dreaming turns into something addictive for me. Don’t Stop Beliving!! 
I hate being over-realistic-more-pesimst, and I prefer do not want to be around people like them as well. If I can’t do nothing about it, I will make those people as my motivation, I’d like to show them in the end that I could achieved what I’ve dream. Let’s keep faith in our dream!

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