oh, air laut itu asin ya? (the salty seawater)

I went to Phuket Island with some of my Interns fellow, but only me and my Kazakhstan friend were interested with swimming at Nai Yang beach, the almost-private beach for us. 

Nai Yang Beach

Sholphan : Ow, its salty.. the water taste salty! (surprised)

Me : YEAA.. Its sea, of course salty naa..  

Sholphan : No! back home in Kazakhstan, the beach doesn’t taste salty..

Me : You sure? wait.. is the beach, you know the shore, leads to the sea?? 

Sholphan : Well, hmmm.. I’m not sure.

Me : You know, the shore could be the edge of the sea.. or a lake!

Sholphan : Well, I guess this is my first time swimming in the seawater.. 


Can’t stop laughing till we need to drown ourself to the water to stop the laugh


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