I demand for Innovation!

Indonesia, I never regret to be born here, really.

Have you ever heard these words?

The land of smiles

The truly asia

ga ada asia-asianya acan..

Both of them were the slogan of our neighbor country for their tourism. Thailand claims their country as the land of smiles, I believe Indonesia has more people smiling then they are. Malaysia claims their selves as the real Asia, while they are just stealing our culture away like batik, islands, and ‘rasa saying-sayange’ song.

I’m in very deep condolences at anytime I remember about our tourism sector. Can we have some innovation here? Singapore Tourism Board is a great system to maximize their tourism sector where they only have a smaller area than Jakarta.

Small country, great tourism system

I remember when I saw an advertisement of Visit Indonesia on one of the Public Bus in Singapore. SO PROOOOOUUD! Yeah, but the thing is we do copy a LOT!

Malaysia logo 2007

Indonesia's logo since 2008. Dejavu?


Visit Indonesia? Visit Malaysia? Please, do the right positioning Mr. Minister

See? God gives us amazing resources and let shares it to the world. Lets say, an innovation for our tourism board can be started from having a grandé positioning J




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