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Creativity & Innovation

Both Creativity and Innovation sounds like similar for the first time. When you take a deeper thought, its a different thing but integrate each other with their own way. that’s what she said…

Creativity is the beginning of a new world. Its started from a little and simple thing. Its a human-thought towards changes, to make a better place. While Innovation is when you already put the creative minds to an action, implement to the real life. As a Business student, Innovation is well-known to stimulate the market. Innovation might be a whole changes or a whole partly change. A good business keep their highly-cost research to produce an innovation as frequent as possible. 

The definitions make it all clear about the differences. There are still a similarity between the two of them. Not everyone can think creatively and do some innovation. Yes, it happens because not everyone is dare enough to put their mind across the border. I mean… Creativity and Innovation are something unique and abnormal, when people do not pushing their self from their limit-their so-so thought, they will just end up on the ordinary way of thinking. 

Well, people in the world is always demanding for the creativity and innovation. You might be one of the creator of the creativity then provide the world with your innovation. Keep generating ideas and do not be afraid! lets start by having an EXTRAORDINARY way of thinking. 



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 I didn’t follow the last Creative Innovation class till the end session due to some final presentation. So, when I asked my friends about ‘what to write on our blog?‘, I was thinking to write some paragraph about Personal defense weapon like my brother’s MP7 or my dad’s M4 (Don’t be worry, its just an air soft gun!). Well, the thing is.. the topic supposed to be –my creativity weapon-, not just weapon. 

Lets get the things back to it track!

I have two main weapon in creating a whole awesome creation (please mind my exaggeration);

  1. Pen&Paper
  2. Toilet
Very common? sure! only my explanation that would help it differ from others. Honestly, I cannot pass through the whole semester without writing a note at class. Pretty diligent, right? I write everything what I have in my mind. Even I sticked a paper to the wall near by my pillow. It’s hard for me to fall asleep, so whenever I have an awesome-idea-before-sleep, I will just easily write them down there. Yes, I can have a note while hugging my bolster and laying my head down to the pillow. 
I am diligent for taking a notes, but not that diligent to bring a paper along with me. But thank god that I am a quite active-shopper, so I have like thousands receipts and bills on my wallet&bag. It doesn’t mean I’m not cleaning up my bag and keep it tidy, I just leave all the receipts in purposes; It has a very important notes behind it, or It just a back up for another no-paper-but-need-to-write situation. (soundslikeexcuses,Iknow)
Let’s jump to the pen. I have a special type and brand of pen that I love. It seems like exaggerating that it always motivated me to write more every time I use Standard AE-7 edition. That one is very comfortable, and thank god it is a cheap pen (that’s Rp 12.000 for a dozen and I don’t have to be afraid of losing it)
When its near to deadline, I just lock my self in the toilet with a laptop or just a paper&pen with me. It depends to difficulties, I can finished my homework or get a good inspiration in less than 30 minutes there. I made a good lyrics for the whole song in less than 15 minutes inside the toilet. weird? yes, but it just my weapon

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