Juli or Ima?

My parents were married in their early 20s then I was born a year after. I am the first grandchild from both my father and mother family. At that time, all the family was very excited of my coming. But their excitement brought some troubles and gave a little extended story about my name.

My name is Fatimah Hanifati, sounds very Arabic and Moslem right? Fatimah is taken from the name of our prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Fathima Az-zahra. She is a good figure of a loving and devoted daughter and a sincere Muslim. Hanifati is taken from hanif, an Arabic word which means straight ahead.

By giving that name, my parents wishing that when I grow up, I could be a good daughter and muslim just like Fathima Az-zahra. As the oldest, they want me to be a good example, taking a straight pathway of life.

That was my name according to my parents’ version. My grandmother was a Christian, and she was very bothered by the too-muslim name. She was planning to give me a name after my birth month, Julianna. That was a bit argument between my parents and my grandmother about it. As a solution, I still have Fatimah Hanifati as my full name, but they should call me Ima (sounds a bit Christian like Imanuel) as my nickname.


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    anonim said,

    you have such a beautiful name, like the owner 🙂

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