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I’m enjoying my new life

Alhamdulillah, thanks for all your bless ya Allah,

fellas, you must know that i’ve just decided a great things in my life ever in a couple day ago,. it’s my life, and i’ll be the one who let where it will going,. ya Allah, guide me to your way 🙂

[a deep breath]

today, alhamdulillah, i’m totally happy, thanks to everyone around me, love you all 🙂

it’s a great day, even i woke up at 7, then took ablution and pray subuh recently,. hehe, astaghfirulloh, people would think that i was pray duha,, hehe..
then, today is my first day subscribing the newspaper, so i spent my morning time by read a newspaper while was eating a great skippy-bread[love it:)]
then i tried to solve some maths task, i like it when i know how to make it,, [apa sih maa,,]
around 10, my uncle from jakarta called me, we went to bubur Mang Oyo, with my uncle and his two bussines partner. we had a great time there, but unfortunately, those two guys, my uncle partner, started to call me with CEPOT [cewe kenalpot] 😦
a quarter to 12, i went to sumur bandung, have a really great time there, even i fell asleep when the teacher explained the answer. hehe
at 2 pm, i’ve done my dzuhur, than enjoying live by surfing the internet, i met ridwan at msn, and asked him to wake me up at 4 by buzzing the conv.
at 4, i woken up by ridwan’s buzz. i got one new sms from diny, she asked me to accompany her tonight, yeah, it was raining, so i replied that i can make it after maghrib,
after maghrib, i went to diny boarding house, then directly went to kartika sari, amanda brownies kukus, and de’kos. de’kos is a seafood restaurant with a cool menu;
– nasi, per orang Rp. 1000 semaunya
– teh tawar Rp. 100 semaunya
– es teh tawar Rp. 250 semaunya
hehee,, thats cheeeaaappp
extremly cheap, instead it was A RESTAURANT, not a cafe or food court
i ordered nasi, kerang bambu saus tiram, and sayur asem, 17.000 rupiah only 🙂
diny asked me to continue the journey [alaahhh] to ciwalk, some stuff she had to buy,.. because she’d like to fly to pekanbaru,.
@ciwalk, she wanted to watch ayat-ayat cinta, i see that movie a week ago, 😦 but she kept insist on asking me to accompany her, even she’d treat me the ticket,. it’s a really hard time, i promise to my self for not seeing any movie in march,. then i stuck standing in front of ayat-ayat cinta poster,. oh no, ‘but, i’d like to see fahri one more time’
i got up from my ‘fahri day dreamin’ hahaa,.. told diny that i cant make it,
hell no, diny wanted a Baked potato at raffles, bloodyhellno, it was 9pm already, and she asked me to have our second dinner,, haha
finished the baked potato at 9.30
i went to ‘heartwarmer’, i bought a huge-cute-warm-sandals. love it.. haha, its quite crazy, because, the heartwarmer rolling door was closed, i knocked it and asked them whether i could make a transaction or not.
took diny home, then i arrived at my own boarding house in 10.05,.
i was yelling around 15 minutes, just because the door locked and none of them answer my call
😦 hehe,,

it’s my first longest english blog, hahhaaa


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