efektif menghilangkan cegukan (hiccup free)

okay, tulisan ini bukan pembahasan apa itu hiccup dan bagaimana hiccup terjadi secara keilmuan

biasanya ada yang bilang, “ayo tahan napas!”, “dikagetin aja biar ilang…”, atau “ayoo liat atas terus, ke langit-langit”. sebagai orang yang tergolong sering cegukkan dan pernah ngep2an bolak-balik tahan napas, gue terdorong untuk berbagi cara ampuh yang telah gue dapat. I got this tips from my daddy, these are the steps you need to do;

  1. teguk air secukupnya dan simpan dimulut, jangan ditelan.
  2. tutup kedua kuping anda dengan rapat, gunakan jari telunjuk biar lebih afdol
  3. minum dan telan air

TADAAAA!!!! it must be gone within seconds

it works for me! EVERY TIME.

selamat mencobaaaaa 🙂


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Imaajib academy; another social netoworks *fyuh

I’m an amateur, but feel free to watch the video 😉

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Isaac Newton

Do you know how this old man formulating the all-time favorite theory?

He was sitting under the trees when read a book at the back yard. Suddenly an apple drop off from the trees and hit his head. Then he started wondering how it happens.


With the high curiousity that newton had, and also his creativity to figure out the theory. The spirits of apple should be transferred into the students around the world.


APPLENARY is brand for stationary, can be used for study or working activities. Definitely will inspire the learner to keep being creative with the power of APPLE SIPRIT!

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Semester 8th is coming to an end, and I’m quite disappointed on why I should be leaving this semester too soon. However, I learned loads things in Creative and Innovation class. Seriously, I never regret loh being a part of this class (kyaa)

Okay, First thing I got from the class is creating the Ideas&Thought. Ideas should be written, then you’ll be remembered by your notes. Better write it online! if you’d like to have a feedback from others.

Business Model, before having this lesson. I wouldn’t have known that I’m quite creative :B The class letting us from having a crazy to the most reliable and implicative ideas to be developed as business model.

Creative ways of thinking, I wasn’t realized that we have formula for being creative, I mean effectively creative. You can check the steps in my previous blog if you want to know (Y).

however, those lesson learned are impacting to my daily activities loh! Currently, Its stimulating my business instinct and helping me in doing my final paper 🙂

In short, Creative and Innovation class keeps us to deliver a positive value. They let me think to start impacting others by -however-how-short your write on your blog! see you soon 🙂

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Local goes International..

At this opportunity, I’d like to promote Indonesian cosmetics and skin care products to the International market. Martha Tilaar would be the selected brand at this project.


Basically, Cosmetics and skin care products are the most things bought by almost all the woman in the world. They wouldn’t care how much it cost as long it keeps them stay young, healthy, and beauty. Over the two third population in the world, woman is a good market to be explored.

Martha Tilaar is one of beauty company in Indonesia. They have a wide product and service offered from different market segment. In the other side, Martha Tilaar also has a good value in developing woman and Indonesia Culture. At some point, Martha Tilaar products have a good quality, and comparable with another international products like The Body Shop, Lancome, The Face Shop, and many more

The Innovation


Spa is one of their specialty, currently they have the best spa in South East Asia, The good potential should be explored more.  Expanding another spa in other countries will be good by delivering Indonesian value.

Culture attachment

The Eat, Pray, Love books and movie is definitely giving a positive impact for Indonesian image, especially Bali. Another products or services with the Bali culture attached on it would be another comparative advantage for Martha Tilaar


iSetan, Sogo, Metro are some department stores which going world-wide. Their first store are mostly selling the cosmetics, Martha Tilaar should start distribute the products there together with SK-II, Maybeline, Revlon,

Consumer Segment

woman, pleased to keep their body fit by some treatment like massage, spa, or any kind of body parts treatment. Open to new information, and has a high culture awareness.


Customer Relationship

By developing the loyalty and discount program, somehow the customers (woman) will feel like being treated as a queen. Treating them as a queen during the treatment (services) would make Martha Tilaar as their palace. The communication to customers would be adapted regarding the destination country.


Sogo, Metro, Debenhams, or having Martha Tilaar store in the Malls like once had by The Body Shop



culture approaches and a little touch regarding to woman status in front of world view. 

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Iqra, bismirabbika ladzhi Khalaq.. (al-iqra; 1-2)

its written from al-quran., it says, “read it” it means that we need to read (study) what we see around. The thing is, you would never be able to read if its not written.

I like writing, I got easily get inspired and feeling like to write it anywhere (sheet of tissue, the used receipt). I just found out that if we transfered what we write into something typed in the online world, it would be AMAZING!

What the purposes?

Sharing is a nice thing, if you have a single positive matters than you go online to publish it, just imagine how many people would get inspired? how much they will get the positive impacts?

Moreover, by getting online, you would find a feedback, whether its a positive or negative one. Do not fly so high or fall to deep, feedback should keep you stand up and help to develop yourself.

Once you get your things written virtually on the internet, trust me, it wouldn’t stop there. People will reads your writings, you will read others writing as well. see? this is a cycle and you wouldn’t stop gaining your knowledge.

Start by imagining this part;

‘people went googling about a thing, and they found your name, yes your name, as the writer’ nice isn’t it?

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The Corps.

The Corps.

another segmented social network!

This network has thecorps.com as their domain. This website can only be accessed by limited people with certain recruitment. The social networks would be giving such a multiple benefit to the users. Once you have a deal with us, We guarantee you a 100% satisfaction!

That would be the short description about The Corps. This special social network is initiated for the ‘Koruptor’ specially in Indonesia. We realized that our crime numbers are highly supported by them. As a ‘K’ people, they would probably feel insecure every time and of course they would pay how much it cost to keep their family safe. For that purpose, we have such a perfect program within The Corps. Management;

The Alibi

We would provide an alibi for you anytime it needed. Alibi can be from a physical evidence like receipt of purchase in particular stores and time.

The Security Network

Being secure is more than just having a strong security guy. All the ‘K’ needs is a back-up! We provide some certain information regarding the safest and the most unreachable place on earth. We’ll prepare your back-up plan!

and many more!

(sumpah demi tuhan semua kontain yang terdapat dalam artikel ini hanyalah bohong belaka, semoga tidak ada yang berniat jahat karena hal ini)

Okay, That’s not a real stuff! However, The Corps. has amaizing business model;

With A clear target customers (the ‘K’ people), we offer security and trust as our value. We have a strong relationship with our customers, the Corps. member has a 24/7 accessed with us. The Corps has a special cooperation with KPK, so it would be easier for us to start the recruitement for members (member should have a history of doing ‘K’ for at least Indonesian Rupiah).

The registered member need to pay their annual membership. During their membership, member can use our programs regarding the security and safety. The Comparative Advantage in The Corps is that the members are able to share their knowledge in the ‘K’ forums, the tagline is you’re not alone!

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